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Ascenium Aptos

A New Class of General Purpose Processor

The Ascenium Aptos is a general-purpose processor without an instruction set.  The Aptos processor redefines the interface between the architecture and the compiler in general purpose processors.   Aptos eliminates the performance bottlenecks and high power consumption of the current CPU's extremely complex hardware implementation, including deep instruction pipelines and  runtime functionality such as branch prediction, speculation and Out-of-Order execution.   Aptos unleashes performance via architectural simplification! 

Ascenium is Redefining How it Should be Done


Pipeline starting to fill with instructi



Current general-purpose processors are based on a 50-year-old design approach based on the ISA (Instruction Set Architecture).  This approach has run out of gas despite ever more exotic and expensive optimization attempts.  Single-core single-thread performance gains have stalled.

Time to Think Outside the Box!

Aptos_first SDP.jpg

Ascenium's approach : Aptos is both a disruptive processor architecture as well as a revolutionary LLVM backend that better exploits the parallelism available in standard high level programming languages. The Aptos architecture continuously physically evolves in space and time under fine grained compiler control to optimally implement the functional intent of the user's program.






Ascenium will disrupt datacenter computing with a much higher performance and lower power solution that takes a completely different "out of box" approach to traditional general-purpose processor architecture.

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